WRGL offers a comprehensive range of services for pregnancy loss, post mortem and postnatal tissue samples. This includes tissue culture, karyotyping, DNA extraction, QF-PCR, snap freezing for future testing and a send away service. In appropriate cases cultured cells can under go cryopreservation. 

Tissue Testing at WRGL

WGLR offers tissue culture, karyotyping, QF-PCR, DNA extraction and frozen sample storage for postnatal and post mortem tissue samples where chromosomal or genetic abnormalities are suspected.  Every attempt is made to culture tissues from missed abortions, stillbirths and perinatal deaths so a full karyotype result can be provided.  If this is not possible the sample will be tested by QF-PCR for common aneuploidies.  Maternal cell contamination testing is also available as required.  Fixed cells can also be prepared and stored for any future cytogenetic testing. 


Cost, Sample Requirements & Turnaround Times



Cost NZD*

Sample Requirements

Current TAT

Tissue Karyotype $480 Miscarriage (<20 weeks):
Products of Conception including Chorionic villi, fetal limb, umbilical cord,
collected in saline in sterile container.

IUD, Stillbirth, perinatal death (>20weeks), Other:
Skin – 1 cm full thickness, cartilage, spleen, umbilical cord (1 cm from near site on insertion). Place in sterile container.  Add sterile saline if transport is likely to delayed.
Note: these samples must be unfixed

18 days
Karyotype - Amniotic Fluid
-demised fetus
$426   10-20 ml amniotic fluid
Collect sample in sterile 20 ml Sterilin universal containers with conical base available from the laboratory on request

18 days
$373 As above
(only tested if tissue culture fails)
18 days
Maternal cell contamination (MCC) analysis $320 2 x 4 ml of whole blood (EDTA purple top) from the mother  1 week
Storage / cryopreservation of tissue sample / cultured cells Available on request As above  
Preparation & storage of fixed cells (all sample types) $267 Please refer to prenatal, postnatal & oncology cytogenetic tests for specific sample requirements.  
Postnatal tissue culture $267 Skin punch biopsy – full thickness.
Other – as specified by geneticist
Collected in sterile container in transport medium – available from the laboratory on request

14-28 days

* No direct charge for the Central Region DHBs covered by the Crown Funding Agreement

Please indicate on the referral form if parents require the sample to be returned.

Solid Tissues


Wellington Regional Genetics Laboratory (WRGL) provides a comprehensive, integrated diagnostic cytogenetic and molecular genetic testing service

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