Amniotic Fluid, Chorionic Villus & Fetal Blood Testing at WRGL

The prenatal section offers a comprehensive cytogenetic and molecular service for all prenatal sample types (amniotic fluid, chorionic villus and fetal blood).  WRGL provides an integrated diagnostic prenatal service (molecular genetics and cytogenetics) with specialist clinical genetics support.  The clinical service (consultant clinical geneticists and genetic counsellors) ensure that patients, families and any referring agencies have immediate and direct access to clinical counselling and advice.  Conventional chromosome analysis is performed on cultured cells for all amniotic fluids, chorionic villi and fetal blood samples.  QF-PCR provides a rapid result for the common aneuploidies.  A wide range of FISH probes are also available for use in pregnancies with suspected microdeletion syndromes including DiGeorge syndrome, PraderWilli/Angelman syndrome and Miller-Dieker Syndromes.  DNA extraction can be performed on either uncultured or cultured samples as required.  A sendaway service is also available for genetic testing not currently available at WRGL.


Cost, Sample Requirements & Turnaround Times



Cost NZD*

Sample Requirements

Current TAT

Amniotic fluid karyotype $426 10-20ml
Collect Sample in sterile 20 ml Sterilin universal containers with conical base.  Containers available from the laboratory on request.
11 days
CVS karyotype $480 10-20 mg clean villi. Collect sample in sterile container of saline.  Each biopsy should be placed in a separate container.  Containers available from the laboratory on request. 12 days
CVS karyotype, DNA extraction & DNA testing Available on request 20-30 mg clean villi. Please discuss testing requirements with the prenatal section before taking sample.   
Fetal blood karyotype $373 1-2 ml in a lithium heparin (LH) tube. 4 days
(Not a stand-alone test adjunct to karyotype testing above)
$373 As above, no additional sample requirements 24-48 hours
Maternal cell contamination (MCC) $320 For blood stained samples, 2 x 4 ml whole blood in EDTA (purple top) from the mother 7 days

*No direct charge for the central region DHBs covered by the Crown Funding Agreement

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Wellington Regional Genetics Laboratory (WRGL) provides a comprehensive, integrated diagnostic cytogenetic and molecular genetic testing service

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